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At Marienlyst Seafront Hotel, we focus attention on the importance of energy during your day of meetings. In close cooperation with CoastZone, Denmark’s leading teambuilding provider, we offer a number of experiences based on our unique facilities and the nature that surrounds us. This means that you will be able to recharge your batteries – in a different and active way.

Knowing that the meeting experience in full is crucial for the outcome, we aim to link all parts; meaning that our counselling and surroundings, food and experiences add value to your agenda. Find inspiration for an active break between your meeting activities below and discover how practical tasks will boost participation and add weight to your professional focus. We look forward to hearing about your own thoughts and ideas.

The 4 elements

Come close to the forces of nature by Oresund and challenge yourselves within the 4 elements. In unique surroundings, you will experience the exceptional tension field between water and fire, earth and air. A dynamic competition takes place, and you will fight the elements and each other in small teams. The setting is rewarding, and you can feel safe, as you step away from your everyday life and your known comfort zone for a moment.
More: Let us inspire you to add the 5th element with dinner or a party as part of the experience.

Duration: 1-3 hours / Location: On the water and along the shore

Footprints of Elsinore

Explore the beautiful coastal town and let it be your game board. With a tablet in hand, you will move around in small teams letting the interactive map guide you to a number of attractions and locations. Maybe you want to walk along the shore and through the narrow cobblestone streets, pass the colourful murals and the polished sculpture HAN on your way to The Culture Yard, M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, and Kronborg Castle. At all checkpoints, history will unfold through interesting tasks on the screen. You will e.g. puzzle out years and personalities, take pictures and record videos and explore the unique food-concept of the hotel; Sundkræs.
More: Include 10 of your messages from the meeting in the game and substantiate them in practice.

Duration: 1-2 hours / Location: Along the shore and in town

Sand and water

Share fun, joy and energy at the beach by Marienlyst! At the shoreline, we will turn up the team dynamics and substantiate the maritime atmosphere. Through practical tasks and challenges, you will compete side by side in small teams. The tasks are picked out based on your focus and differences, and you will see how you motivate each other through close, practical teamwork. Whether you are 10 or 1000 participants, this experience will maintain your community, and let you add activities on the water; e.g. kayak, stand up paddle and RIB sailing.
More: Begin the experience with a presentation about great teamwork and act out your team values in practice.

Duration: 1-3 hours / Location: At the beach

Traffic jam

Be competitive and experience teamwork as the absolute game changer! Divided in small teams, you step into rush hour in the middle of your meeting room. When you face traffic jams at 40 different levels, you need to consider your strategy and distribution of roles. Solutions are not only practised in a small version at the table, but also in a big edition on the floor. As the game proceeds, the traffic jams are more complex, and soon, you need to negotiate new skills. Devise a good plan, stick to it and act upon it!
More: Use the game as an active break during meetings or create a great atmosphere before dinner.

Duration: 1-2 hours / Location: In your meeting room

The 9 intelligences

Experience personal drive and teamwork in an intense quest for points! You will work together closely in small teams solving practical tasks pointing in 9 different directions, more specifically The 9 intelligences. Are you logical, visual, naturalistic, linguistic, philosophical, musical, physical, inter- or intrapersonal? Together you will crack codes and numbers, puzzle out words and figures, dance and stomp, mime and gamble, solve riddles and keep track of animals. It is a matter of thinking creatively and using the different competencies of your team.
More: Let the experience remind you of the strength of differences and teamwork across.

Duration: 2 hours / Location: In your meeting room

Communication across distance

Use gamification to boost focus and energy, and turn your words into action!
This game reflects the well-known challenges of your everyday life concerning communication across geography and departments, behaviour and competencies, and confirms the value of a shared language. You will work together in small teams; one half indoors and the other half outdoors. Contact by telephone, GPS-tracking and sharing of knowledge are your common way around the different challenges you face when locating checkpoints and cracking codes.
More: Add a surprise as e.g. champagne savouring or relate the tasks to your professional focus.

Duration: 2,5-4 hours / Location: Along the shore, in town and at the hotel

Spring and summer

Year round, we provide a number of seasonal experiences, focusing on your community and your time together. During the summer, the beautiful nature will be the perfect setting for e.g. kite-flying and beach games, ladder golf and frisbee golf, archery and cricket, sailing and sport aquatique. Maybe you will end your day gathered around the bonfire with slow brew coffee, marshmallows and bread twists?
More: Do you need help revitalising your yearly soccer tournament or conducting it just the way you usually do?

Duration: 1-3 hours / Location: Outdoors or indoors

Fall and winter

Year round, we provide a number of seasonal experiences, focusing on your community and your time together. As the weather turns colder, you may still prefer outdoor experiences. Kite-flying is the perfect activity during fall and the beach games will still bring joy. Archery and ball games is also great for the more chilly seasons, as well as bonfire and marshmallows, hot cocoa and slow brew coffee. You could also search for amber or keep warm with an active Sudoku.
More: Combine experiences outdoors with a nice time indoors to enjoy the best parts of the season.

Duration: 1-3 hours / Location: Outdoors or indoors

Unfolding passion and potential

Unfolding passion and potential
Grounded in the individual, the team and the company, we create experiences that involve, motivate, and transform. As passionate practitioners, we go out of our way to create the true sense of security and meaning in all aspects of teambuilding.

Our work builds on respect and an extraordinary gift for leaving a lasting impact. We lead the way to good teamwork and create a solid foundation for results.

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