The classic outdoor team building experiences, for large and small groups, gather all and create the feeling of cohesion and team spirit. These are the activities that Running 26 has created for Marienlyst Seafront Hotel and which is to inspire exactly the activity that suits you. Here is the opportunity for both action and physical endurance, while being fun.

Water Action

Water Action is for all of you who want to experience Marienlyst Seafront from its best side – the water side. In the beautiful frames in front of the hotel, you find different funny sea activities, from kayaks, canoes to SUP boards. We see to it that everybody can participate and our competent instructors make sure you get a thorough instruction and ensure your safety.

Duration: 1 -3 hours / Location: On the beach & in the water

Beach Workout

Funny and nice exercises which are all based on the fantastic beach and lovely water in front of Marienlyst. Here, you can find inspiration by participating in lifeguard competitions where you are going through a course in and on water by way of swimming and kayak/SUP and you are going to run in the sand and have relay races.

Duration: 1 -3 hours / Location: On the beach & in the water

Photo orienteering

Orientation, team cooperation and team spirit are in focus in this GPS based orienteering race where the participants have to move around solving photo tasks (walking, running or bike riding)
The purpose of the activity is to collect as many points as possible combined with the participants enjoying themselves while solving funny photo tasks.
The tasks can be creative performances of tasks where they for instance have to take a photo from a formulated task – or where a location and a handed-over photo is to be matched.

Duration: 1 -2 hours / Location: Around the hotel

Mountain bike ride

Competent bike cross or MTB instructors instruct the participants in driving techniques, tips & tricks
– at all levels. In groups of 5 the participants are going to finish x technical exercises advancing their general driving skills. Finally, the participants can choose to time race (individual time trial) on a
marked route. Level of complexity, route, duration and obstacles will be tailored to match the event.

Duration: 1 -5 hours / Location: The wood / Number of participants: Max 100 persons

Evening orienteering along the Sound

An orienteering wearing running shoes, on mountain bike, bicycle or in canoe which will be arranged after dark. A different and exiting discipline. The participants who are divided into groups of 3-5 persons and equipped with a head lamp/strong bicycle lamps and an orienteering map are going to find posts and collect information.

In the darkness, the orienteering will be a significantly different sense experience than in broad daylight and the participants must guide and support each other. It requires physical as well as good orienteering skills to obtain good results.

Duration: 2 -3 hours / Location: Around the hotel

GPS Race

A tailored GPS Race where questions and tasks are adjusted to each event. A perfect way of getting around the beautiful surroundings whether it is on foot or running, bicycling, MTB, etc. Questions and tasks you meet on your way can be adjusted according to the individual events and thereby supplement for instance a conference with questions and answers from the contents of the conference.

Duration: 1 -5 hours / Location: Around the hotel

Choir performance

Your voice reflects your state of mind and with the proper tools and techniques you can control your voice rather than letting your voice control you.
With our competent voice trainer and choirmaster, you get a funny and positive experience as a team and individual tools with a long-term effect.

Duration: 1.5 -3 hours / Location: Conference room

Boundary breaking team development

You get an opportunity to walk on hot coals, broken glass, cut a board in two with your bare hands and much more which most of us think is not possible.
Initially and on the way, the exercises are combined with learning about how we, both as individuals and teams, beat the mental limitations which often stand in the way of our development.

Duration: 1 -5 hours / Location: The beach or in one of our rooms / Max 100 persons