Policy of Personal Data

One of Marienlyst Seafront Hotel’s main objectives is to maintain the highest level of safety to our guests, customers and employees – this also applies to the protection of personal data.

With this policy we wish to describe, in a clear and easy way, how Marienlyst Seafront Hotel handles your personal data.

1. Provision of information on the website and controller

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel’s operates a conference and spa hotel in the city of Elsinore, Denmark.

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel’s addresses personal data pursuant to applicable law.

As a hotel, Marienlyst Seafront Hotel delivers a wide range of services. For each individual service, special terms and conditions apply.

When ordering one or more of these services, you give your personal data to Marienlyst Seafront Hotel and at the same time you consent to the fact that your personal data can be processed by Marienlyst seafront Hotel.

When passing on personal data to us on our website, you should be aware:

  • that you can contact us as controller on email rk@marienlyst.dk or by telephone: +45 4928 0110
  • that the purpose can be sale, service, marketing, etc.
  • that data is not passed on to other persons besides the persons of the enterprise working with your data.
  • that we as controllers may only use system suppliers and/or controllers working in the EU/EEA or who are otherwise approved by the European Commission.
  • that you will always be entitled to know about, correct or delete your personal data or limit the processing or to object to the processing unless there is authorisation to act otherwise.
  • that personal data on potential new customers are collected according to prior consent and deleted when the consent is withdrawn.
  • that personal data on existing customers which are required to be able to administer the customer relationship are not deleted
  • that former customers’ data are deleted 5 years after the end of the customer relationship, however, not prior to any pending cases and/or claims in regard to the law of property are brought to an end/statute-barred.
  • that you have the right to file a complaint to datatilsynet.dk.

2. How does Marienlyst Seafront Hotel collect and use the personal data?

Marienlyst Seafront collects and processes your personal data in the following way:

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel collects and processes your personal data to the extent authorised by law. Collecting and processing data can happen when you e.g. make a reservation or during and after your stay. We collect personal data in the following way, e.g. cookies, browser, web beacons, newsletters and customer surveys. In some situations, Marienlyst Seafront Hotel collects and uses personal data through databases outside Marienlyst Seafront Hotel (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google and analysis suppliers)

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel has video monitoring which is installed as a confidence-building precaution for the employees and the hotel guests.

3. What type of information does Marienlyst Seafront Hotel collect?

We only collects personal data which are relevant to the purposes described in the separate terms and conditions of the individual services and current policy of personal data. The collected data will among others things include information about name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address, information which is required to make use  of the service (e.g. business login), language, user statistics and history, reservation preferences, payments, position, special food preferences, handicaps and other information you have given when making use of the services.

At your own request, you can choose to give Marienlyst Seafront Hotel personal data besides the regular personal data which you find would be important either due to security and/or to give Marienlyst Seafront Hotel the opportunity to tailor the services especially to you.

Such could for instance be:

  • Handicap
  • Allergy
  • Special food preferences
  • Medical conditions

If you choose so, Marienlyst Seafront Hotel consider it a consent from you for the hotel to register and save the sensitive data on your profile.

Besides receiving information from you, Marienlyst Seafront Hotel will in some cases supplement our information with data which we have received from third parties, e.g. an agent or a cooperative partner. In this situation, it is up to the third party to notify the involved guests about Marienlyst Seafront Hotel policy of personal data.

4. Online purchase

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel uses Dansk Internet Betalings System (DIBS www.dibs.dk) in connection with your gift certificate purchases. Both DIBS and Marienlyst.dk are approved and certified by the Danish Bank Payment System (Pengeinstitutternes Betalings System) (www.pbs.dk).

When buying a gift certificate, Marienlyst Seafront Hotel does not save your debit card information. This type of information is stored with DIBS.

5. What is the purpose of collecting data?

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel collects personal data for various purposes. The service you use determines which personal data we collect and how they are collected.

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel’s point of collecting personal data can be one or more of the following points:

  • Administer and process your request for orders, reservations and services.
  • Contact you e.g. by text message, other mobile applications or emails or by notifying you about reservation status or the like in connection with your reservation before, during and after the stay.
  • Targeted communication and marketing to you regarding services such as sending you offers matching your profile, from us and our cooperative partners.
  • Analyse your user behaviour as related to our services.

6. Adjustment and deletion of your personal data

In case changes occur in your personal data, we would ask you to kindly send a message to Marienlyst Seafront Hotel, Ndr. Strandvej 2, DK-3000 Elsinore, ATTN.: Rosanna Krause. The request must be signed by you and contain your name, mail address, telephone number and email address.

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel is not responsible for outdated or inaccurate data if you have not informed us about such changes.

You are always entitled to gain an insight in or get a copy of and confirmation or deletion of your personal data or limit the processing, object against the processing and in certain cases, you are also entitled to have your data transferred automatically from us to another controlling unit.

The signature is sent to your registered mail address within 1 month from your written request.

You are entitled to withdraw a consent to marketing at any time.

You are entitled to file a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency, www.datatilsynet.dk

We give you prior notice and other relevant information if we intend to use your personal data for other purposes than the ones they were intended to in the first place.

7. When you apply for a position at Marienlyst Seafront Hotel

All applications should be sent on email to: job@marienlyst.dk where you can state which position you apply for in the subject field.

Only the relevant leaders have access to your application.

We confirm the receipt of your application.

As we receive personal data from you, we have a duty of disclosure to you and must therefore inform you that:

  • you can always contact us as controllers on email rk@marienlyst.dkor by telephone: +45 4928 0110
  • that the purpose of saving your personal data is to be able to access your qualifications in relation to the job
  • that the legal basis is an agreement/a contract as it is required preliminary work in connection with entering a potential employment contract
  • that we only save data which are absolutely necessary in relation to the purpose
  • that the data will be deleted 6 months after a rejection – upon appointment, the storage will be continued
  • that you will be entitled to ask for insight in and confirmation or deletion of your personal data or limit the processing or to object to the processing
  • that you voluntarily give your consent to pass on special or sensitive data (e.g. criminal record, photo for the website, statement of health, membership of named trade union, etc.) – and that you are always entitled to withdraw your consent which can involve us not being able to appoint you/continue your employment, e.g. if a unblemished criminal record is required for the appointment.
  • that you have the right to file a complaint to dk.

8. Storage security and handling of personal data

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel saves personal data pursuant to this policy of personal data and applicable law.

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel has an internal regulatory stance on security and rights which protects the personal data of employees and customers. SOPs have been prepared for the accounts department, sales department, marketing department and for the employees performing customer tasks and general safety routines for everyone in the enterprise.

9. Security

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel has taken the necessary precautions and complies with the demands which have been made in relation to ensuring the protection of personal data.

  • A firewall has been established which is maintained on an ongoing basis and which prevents unauthorised access to the internal network
  • Servers and computers are updated with security updates protecting against malevolent utilisation of vulnerabilities of the applied software
  • A protection against virus has been established which is updated regularly
  • Security settings in the browser and email program on the individual computers are installed in a way so the desired security policy regarding websites, cookies and receiving executable code is observed.
  • All personal data of the guests will be deleted from our PMS system 5 years after the termination of the guest relation.
  • Backup is performed once a day.

10. Privacy and cookies

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel uses cookies for call-count measurements and for ongoing optimisation of the website and of Marienlyst Seafront Hotel’s platform in preparation for improving the user experience and functionality. Cookies is a text message which typically places a small temporary filter on the computer which can collect information about e.g. browser, operating system, type of connection and other statistically relevant information.

Cookies can recognise the Customer’s and the Consultant’s computer but cannot collect information on who the Customer and Consultant are or who is using the Customer’s or the Consultant’s computer. Use of Marienlyst Seafront Hotel’s website is anonymous and no data for identification of the Customer or the Consultant are stored unless the Customer or the Consultant signs up to some of the services offered by Marienlyst Seafront Hotel – this could for instance be newsletters, service information, etc.

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel uses Google Analytics as statistical tool on the website. Google Analytics makes it possible for Marienlyst Seafront Hotel to follow the Customer’s and the Consultant’s activities on the website and enables Marienlyst Seafront Hotel to adjust the contents according to relevance.

If other persons than the Customer or the Consultant choose to give personal data such as name and email address on the website, Marienlyst Seafront Hotel will only process these data for the purposes of granting the request, e.g. for receiving newsletters, etc. and for the purpose of communicating with the person coming up with the request. Marienlyst Seafront Hotel will not pass on the data to a third party or public authority unless Marienlyst Seafront Hotel is legally obliged.

Anyone giving personal data to Marienlyst Seafront Hotel is entitled to get access to and being able to get their personal data held by Marienlyst Seafront Hotel corrected.

Any person is allowed to reject cookies through the computer’s cookie settings. Rejecting cookies will normally reduce the functionality of the website. It is also possible to delete cookies which have already been received. How this is performed depends on the individual browsers. You can find more information about how to avoid cookies by following this link: Cookie handling

11. Contact

If you have any questions or comments to the processing of personal data, pleases feel free to write to:

Marienlyst Seafront Hotel
Ndr. Strandvej 2
DK-3000 Elsinore
Attn.: Rosanna Krause.

If this does not clarify the situation, complaints can be sent to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

You find the relevant contact address on www.datatilsynet.dk.

May 2018