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Cobber Spa

Cobber Spa is developed by our Spa Director, Gita Grauslund. Gita found her inspiration for this unique treatment in historical materials about the positive effects of cobber and its ability to promote the release of toxins. Cobber Spa is a cleansing ritual lasting 60 minutes, limited to five guests at a time.

The rituals include a soothing footbath in cobber bowls, an exfoliating hand and foot scrub and a visit into Denmark’s only Caldarium (a special room heated to 42 degrees Celsius). The treatment continues with a clay body wrap with cleansing and emollient properties. Your experience completes with a mineral bath and a refreshing rain shower. A sure way to a balanced body and soul.

60 min./DKK 375 per person.


Our signature facial and body treatments by Karmameju are holistic and aroma therapeutic. All treatments begin with a hand ritual consisting of a wash and lotion. The guest is then placed on a heated bed wrapped in warm blankets. Dry scrubs and a foot massage are also included in our treatments.

Following a facial or body treatment you are free to enjoy the open spa facilities



For dry / mature / normal skin in need for elasticity and glow.

The 01 treatment is specially developed to stimulate and regenerate the skin, release toxins and reduce signs of fatigue. We use ‘lifting’ and connective tissue massage combined with sensory and effective age-defence skincare products.
After the treatment, the skin appears hydrated, healthy, elastic and strong. The mind is positive, sensual and strong.

90 min./DKK 1,095


For sensitive / reactive / blushing / stressed / normal skin.

The 02 treatment nourishes and de-stresses sensitive skin. Lymph drainage massage combined with healing anti-inflammatory age-defence skincare stabilise and calm the skin. Clinically documented ingredients reduce redness and smooth out fine lines. The skin is improved and appears fine, firm and protected. The mind feels calm and balanced.

90 min./DKK 1,095


For combined / oily / unbalanced / normal skin.

The detoxing 03 facial treatment is developed to cleanse, strengthen and refine the skin. Clinically proven active ingredients centre and refine the skin, making it smooth with a clear complexion. The skin appears healthy, firm, matt and cleansed. The mind feels refreshed, focused and curios. This facial includes deep cleansing.

90 min./DKK 1,095 

Body Treatments

Deep connective tissue massage ideal for tense muscles / a feeling of unease / oedema.

Meditative and sensuous. The deep connective tissue massage strengthens, balances and replenishes the body. The body is released from tensions and toxins. The mind feels balanced, calm and filled with love and hope.

45 min./DKK 650
90 min./DKK 1,095


Lymph drainage massage ideal for oedema / hyper sensitivity / fatigue.

Light, pulsating movements over the skin drains the lymphs while adding a sense of calm and flow to the body. This body treatment has relaxing and healing properties while leaving the mind with a sense of mindfulness and meditative calm.

45 min./DKK 650
90 min./DKK 1,095


Energetic detox acupressure and connective tissue massage ideal for fatigue / reduced circulation / cellulite / oedema.

Our dynamic, deep detox acupressure and connective tissue massage stimulates the blood circulation, combats cellulite and increases energy levels. A sensual, uplifting and dynamic treatment that awakens the senses and brings clarity and happiness to the mind.

45 min./DKK 650
90 min./DKK 1,095


Age restriction

The minimum age to access the Marienlyst Strandspa is 16 years old.

To order a spa treatment, please contact us on telephone +45 49214000 or email