The spa activities are designed to give conference attendees a different spa experience during the day or after, and help create renewed energy and a fun joint experience. There are both shorter and longer-lasting activities that can easily be merged during the day of the meeting and which everyone can join.

Yoga in the pyramid

Yoga is a relaxing and different way of spending time together. The activity is guided by a yoga instructor. Clothing: Sportswear or casuals, barefooted.

Duration: 45-60 mins. including change of clothes / Number of participants: 15 persons – If you are more than 15 persons, the activity can be held in another room.

Sauna steam with a dip in the Sound

Try the ancient ritual sauna steam where you start in the unique beach sauna and end the activity with a refreshing dip in the Sound. Clothing: Swimwear – it is permitted to sit with a towel/bathrobe.

Duration: 45-60 minutes, including changing clothes/ Number of participants: 30 persons – If you are more than 30 persons, you will be divided into small groups.

Breath coaching

Sitting or standing breathing exercises that release energy to the brain and limbers the body up.

The activity is guided by a yoga instructor.
Duration: 15 min.

Healthy feet

A lovely foot massage with our special balls. The activity will be guided by our instructor.

Duration: 15 min. / Number of participants Max 50 persons