Marienlyst Beach Spa offers 10 unique spa treatments

Marienlyst Spa Treatments


Our classical signature face and body treatments are holistic and aromatherapeutic, developed by the Danish brand Karmameju. All treatments start with a hand ritual where the hands are washed and rubbed.

Then the guest will be positioned directly and comfortably on the heated plank bed and wrapped up in warm blankets. Dry brushing and foot massage are also part of the treatment before the body is reawaken.


For a dry / mature / normal / skin which lacks glow and elasticity.

Developed to stimulate and regenerate the skin, release waste products and reduce signs of fatigue. We use “lifting’ and connective tissue massage combined with sensory and efficient age-defence skin care products.
After our 01 Facial, the skin appears hydrated, healthy, supple and strong. The mind feels positive, sensual and strong.

45 min/695 DKK
90 min / 1,145 DKK.

For a sensitive / reactive / blushing / stressed / rush affected / normal skin.

The relaxing and nurturing 02 Facial nurtures the challenged, sensitive skin. Lymphatic drainage massage combined with healing and calming anti-flammatory age-defence skin care stabilises and soothes the skin. Clinically documented ingredients reduce flush, protect and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is left improved and appears fine, flexible and protected. The mind feels calm, centred and embraced.

45 min/695 DKK
90 min/1,145 DKK

Copper Spa

Copper spa is a unique treatment developed by Spa Manager Gita Grauslund Gita is inspired by the historical writings about the healing effects of copper and its capability to boost the elimination of waste products. Copper spa is a 60 minutes cleansing ritual for max 5 guests per treatment.

The rituals consist of a relaxing foot bath in copper basins with exfoliating hand and foot scrub and visits to Denmark’s only Caldarium (a special room heated up to 42 degrees). Hereafter, the body is rubbed in emollient and cleansing clay. The experience is finished with cleaning the whole body in a mineral bath and an invigorating “rainy” shower which re-invigorates the body. A safe way to a more balanced body and soul.

60 min/ 195 Dkr. per person.

Body treatments

Deep connective tissue massage ideal in connection with tense muscles / unease / accumulation of fluid.

Meditative, sensory and sensuous. This deep connective tissue massage strengthens, harmonises and renews. The body will be released from tensions and waste. You will feel focused, calm, safe and full of love. Your mind will be filled with positive vibes and full of hope.

45 min/695 DKK
90 min/1,145 DKK

Draining lymph massage / ideal with accumulation of fluid / over sensitivity / fatigue.

Pulsating, feathery movements over the skin move the lymph fluids and give the body a flow and a deep sense of calm. This body treatment offers relaxation and soothes the body. The mind gets a meditative feeling of peace and a sense of presence and softness.

45 min/695 DKK
90 min/1,145 DKK

Energetic detox acupressure and connective tissue massage which is ideal when feeling tired / with reduced circulation / cellulite/ accumulation of fluid / lack of energy.

Our dynamic, in-depth detox acupressure and connective tissue massage stimulates the blood circulation, prevents cellulite and increases the body’s energy level. A sensory, lifting and dynamic treatment awakening the senses, offering focus, joy and releasing the mind.

45 min/695 DKK
90 min/1,145 DKK