With the tailor-made activities, there is ample opportunity to get a special and not least tailor-made experience for your team. With challenges beyond the usual or abusive lectures, a different angle is set on the agenda than anyone had imagined. All developed in conjunction with Running26.

Top tuned brain and body chemistry

It is not natural to be tired when you wake up in the morning, moody at the end of the afternoon, aching joins after exercise or burned out long before bedtime. But if your food habits and the rest of your lifestyle do not stabilise your body chemistry and neglect to create a basis for its general well-being, then the above is a fact. Despite prosperity and numerous possibilities of striving for optimum conditions, quite
a lot of us are either on our way to become drained energywise, affected by illness or are already experiencing it. The talk is about all this.

Martin Kreutzer uses the challenges of everyday life as a starting point and in an entertaining way communicates specific tools to help you move in a direction supporting your daily performance
– whether it is exercise, work or family life!

Duration: 1 -3 hours / Location: Can be held in the conference room

Underwater safari

The unique location of the hotel encourages our visitors to explore Øresund under the surface. Together with our instructors we invite you on a safari where you get really close to the blue-green universe of the sea with its surprises and experiences waiting for you to explore. The safari is initiated with an introduction to Øresund.
Equipment: snorkel, mask and wetsuits

Duration: 3 hours / Location: In Øresund near the hotel / Number of participants: Max 20 persons

Business power

Eat your way to reduced stress and improved performance. The modern working life is often characterised by periods where the stress level rises unreasonably and close to your limit. In this connection, food and the rest of your lifestyle play a decisive factor. With the right strategy, you can optimise your mental performance and increase the energy on a busy day. The talk brings you the nutritional tools for passing the test of handling a stressed working life with flying colours.

The talk offers you specific guidelines for how to create a physical foundation through the food you eat. A foundation that makes you strong in a calendered life – and able to be the best version of you when
it counts.

You get:

  • A concrete introduction to what you can eat of nourishing food to get energy, mentally as well as physically.
  • The perfect nutrition strategy for a challenging day at the office.
  • Various tools so your mental performance reaches new heights.
  • Tools (nutrition and exercise) that help reducing the physical impact of stress and busyness.

Duration: 1 -3 hours / Location: Can be held in the conference room