Spa Facilities


Heated Pools

Dive into the heated pools, both in- and outside, while enjoying the view along the beach with Kronborg Castle in the background. Here, you find an indoor pool, several bubble baths and two outdoor Infinity pools.

Panoramic Sauna

You have never experienced a sauna like this before. High above the water you find our Panorama sauna where you can enjoy the view and watch the life along the beach. The seats are made of a special Swiss pine which sends a lovely scent.


The bath is a sensuous work of art in turquoise blue shades and beautifully patinated copper. Here, ancient bathing traditions are combined with exclusive spa rituals cleansing the body and releasing the important happiness hormones. Slow down and relax in the steam bath and refresh your body with cold and hot thrills from the large wood barrels.

Salt Therapy

In the salt therapy room, you find you inner peace. Only lit up by the hybrid fireplace and changing lights in the wall you let go of all the impression of the day while enjoy being present and inhale the cleansing air.

Gentlemen’s Lounge

What does relaxation and wellness mean to you? In the gentlemen’s lounge which is for men AND women, you and your colleagues can enjoy a drink form the café in the customized spa beds or read magazines in the tempting Chesterfield furniture.

Beach Sauna

As the name indicates, our two beach saunas are located directly at the water’s edge and you are only a few steps away from a cooling dive in the Sound. Enjoy the sauna alone, with a colleague or try our popular sauna steam.

Sun Terrace

A perfect place to spend your time when the sun is high in the sky in one of our deck chairs at the sun terrace. Enjoy the spectacular view, to the forest and over the beach and Kronborg Castle. You could for instance bring along a chilled glass of wine from the café.

The Fireplace Room

In the warm and charming fireplace room you may enjoy the beautiful view over the Sound, Kronborg Castle, the spa and the fireplace. Lean back and enjoy the soft spa beds where you can read a book or have a good chat with a colleague.

Café and Shop

Healthy energy bars, fresh Aeropress coffee or micro brewed beer? Our café offers a variety of indulging in delights. We also offer snacks and a delicious salad buffet.