Arrangements at Kronborg Castle

Kronborg - the exclusive framework of your next arrangement
Kronborg was built to demonstrate power and prosperity of the kingdom. The everyday life at the castle was characterized by luxurious parties, and the great architecture served as framework around the king and his Court life. Here, the king was staged in extreme luxury, and that inspired Shakespeare to place his famous act, Hamlet, at the castle in Helsingør. In 2000 Kronborg was entered on Unesco’s World Heritage List.

Reception or dinner
Kronborg has opened the doors and we are happy to give you the opportunity to explore this unique framework. It is now possible to book parts of the castle and be king & queen for a day - even outside normal opening hours. Every arrangement includes a special guided tour of the castle. You will be given a tour of the otherwise closed off towers or experience the horrible casemates.

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Frederik II's wine cellar
Max. participants: 225
Frederik II, who was king from 1559 to 1588, and who built Kronborg, financed the extensive work by means of the income, he obtained from the Sound Dues. When the ships passed by, Frederik II often bought their cargo presuming they had good wine on board. This way, he obtained Europe’s finest wine collection in his cellar at Kronborg. Unfortunately, the king was so fond of wine, that he drank himself to death - according to the minister’s funeral cermon.


Erik of Pomerania’s chamber
Max. participants: 80
Erik of Pomerania’s chamber is one of Kronborg’s oldest rooms. His career as a king was not exactly brilliant. Many of his first years as regent, his adoptive mother (Queen Margrethe I) ruled for him. During the last years of his life, he changed career and supported himself of piracy.