House of Parliament or Assembly Hall

Settings for any purpose
As the only conference centre in North Zealand, the floor in our largest conference room consists of 11 platforms, which can be raised and lowered independently, giving endless possibilities for unique settings.

One of them is the House of Parliament for up to 140 participants. In this setting you are no further than four rows away from your participants, enabling the lecturer to have eye contact with the entire audience. 

Another setting is the Assembly Hall for up to 160 participants. In this setting, all 11 platforms are in use. All participants have an open view of the lectern or the stage. A most suitable setting for presentations, for example of new car models.

The AV-PC package in this room also includes two wireless microphones: either hand-held or with a clip to fasten on your tie or suite jacket. Furthermore, you will find a stationary microphone on the lectern and a control centre from where the light, shades and AV equipment can be operated.

  • LCD ceiling-projector
  • Connection for your own PC
  • PC with international Office-package and internet access
  • DVD player/CD player
  • Amplifier/loudspeakers
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse
  • Powerpoint remote with laser pointer
  • Possibility to connect to external video sources, such as VHS and video camera
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Lectern with microphone
  • Control centre