Conferences at the edge of Oresund

Marienlyst creates a modern and efficient framework for your next conference or meeting. In our separate conference center you will find 18 conference- and meeting rooms with up-to-date IT equipment and with the beach right outside the doors as the perfect place to enjoy the breaks.

Conference center

First class conference rooms and accommodation in cozy hotel rooms and suites.

After a long day, we make a nice dinner, or – if the participants need extra pampering - a feast in our separate banquet facilities.

The beautiful surroundings just outside our door invites to walk-and-talks during breaks - for what better to help thoughts on their way than a walk along the beach or a moment of fresh air to enlighten the mind on our terrace directly at the sea?

There is natural daylight in all our conference- and meeting rooms.

And from major part even direct access to the lawn or balcony, where you can enjoy both the view and the coffee break.

We offer two different conference set-ups: Marienlyst Conference and All-Inclusive-Conference.

Marienlyst Conference is the popular, classic meeting package with meals to suit most people's expectations and demands. Naturally, we gladly make tailor-made solutions to accommodate your wishes and needs.

The All-Inclusive-Conference grants you a complete package with extra indulgence for every participant. You do not need to consider welcome drinks, desserts, wine, coffee after dinner, a few drinks at the bar or a stunning sea view. It is all already included in the price. It will not get any easier!

Both Marienlyst Conference and All-Inclusive-Conference are available as respectively day meeting, full-day-meeting and residential conferences.

Download our conference brochure here.

Contact our booking department

on phone No. +45 4921 4000 – or send an e-mail to to get the best conference offer of the season. All meetings and conferences are different, and we look forward to composing the optimal package in accordance with your wishes.

We offer

Full-day or half-day meetings as well as residential conferences with accommodation. Day-meeting from DKK 795.-

We have the setting for your next meeting or conference

Beach Hotel Marienlyst is situated in a beautiful, tranquil setting with direct access to the sea.

Our rooms and facilities are modern and adapted to an efficient meeting and conference setting

House of Parliament or Auditorium

As the only conference venue in North Zealand, the floor in our largest conference room consists of 11 platforms, which can be leveled independently, giving endless possibilities for unique settings.

One of them is the House of Parliament for up to 140 participants. With this setting you’re never more than 4 rows away from the participants, ensuring eye contact across the room.

At Auditorium setting (up to 160 participants) all 11 platforms are in use, and all participants have an open view to the lectern or the stage. A very suitable setting for presentations.

The AV/PC package in this room also includes two wireless microphones, both handheld and clips. In addition to this there is a microphone mounted on the lectern and an operational center with control of light, blackout drapes and AV equipment.