Private parties at Beach Hotel Marienlyst

At Marienlyst you will find the optimal setting for your next party. The beautiful and atmospheric banquet facilities can be adjusted to parties of all sizes, as many of the walls are flexible and can be moved.

Wedding with extra beauty at

Beach Hotel Marienlyst

Have you found each other on the path of love, then find your way to Marienlyst.

We have the space for even the largest guest lists. We have the ballrooms to match the most beautiful decorations. We have the view that is just as breathtaking as the bride in her unforgettable dress. We have banquet menus so delicious that time stands still. We have the hotel rooms that are just a few steps from the party.

And we have the breakfast buffet that put a smile on every face, when all your guests arise to a beautiful new day.

All in all, Beach Hotel Marienlyst truly has something very unique.

So do not forget us in your planning. We have many unforgettable weddings on our conscience …

The confirmation is a special day

Make the day even more special with us

Whether the guest list shows 25 or 85 guests, it can be a relief to host your guests at Marienlyst.

We have rooms for the family members, who travel from afar. We have pool facilities for the children, if the party atmosphere inspires to splash out.

And we have the setting to create the right kind of party that will make both the confirmand and the parents relax and truly enjoy being guests at your own party

A special day to enjoy and remember

Your child's first big day

Are you having a christening, Beach Hotel Marienlyst has the ideal setting. We gladly take on all of the practicalities, so you as parents can enjoy your child's first big day.

You can safely put your event into our hands and let us pamper you and your guests. We gladly compose a menu entirely to meet your wishes. We have everything you need for a great celebration and will do everything to ensure that the small new world citizen, the parents, godparents and guests will have a christening to remember.